Do I send the item directly to my buyer?

Yes, once your item is purchased, you’ll be able to view your buyer’s address from the item’s Order Status page. Please note that this information is only available for transactions that are currently in progress.

If you’re shipping with jewffer.com, for your convenience, the prepaid label already has your buyer’s address on it.

If you’re shipping on your own, send the item directly to your buyer’s address.

Please remember to ship the item within 3 business days.

My order was returned to sender

If your order was returned to your seller, send them a message and see if they plan to reship the package with a new tracking number. If your seller needs a new shipping label, please contact us via the Help Center, and we’ll be happy to help.

Please keep in mind that the original shipping label can not be reused.

If you are having any trouble or your seller is not responsive, please contact us

Shipping tips

  • Have packing supplies ready; items should ship within 3 business days of purchase
  • Shipping to multiple buyers? Be careful about matching items to the correct name and address
    • Place printed shipping labels with the item to keep track of this prior to packing, or use different colored poly mailers
    • jewffer.com isn’t responsible for item mix ups.
  • Each package must have its own label even if it’s being shipped to the same address.

How to pack up your item

We’re here to help you with how to package your item so you can ship it off safely. Each shipping carrier (USPS, UPS, and FedEx) has its own guidelines, and we want to make sure your item arrives to the buyer as promised.

Choose your shipping weight

The shipping weight of your package is the greater of its weight on a scale, and its dimensional weight (length x width x height, divided by 139).

Here’s an example:

Say your package weighs 5 pounds.

Its length is 20 in, width is 12 in, and height is 8 in.

Shipping weight: (20 x 12 x 8)/139 = 13 lbs



Every ounce counts!
Please make sure you select the correct shipping weight. If your item is less than 1 lb and you’re shipping via USPS, please make sure you weigh everything including the packaging. You may be charged extra if the shipping is underpaid.

If your item is over 150 lbs, you’ll need to ship on your own. Check out this article to learn how to do this.

Pack your item with care

Make sure you have the smallest box possible for the item and extra cushioning. You should use a cardboard box that’s sturdy enough to protect your item while in transit.

If there are multiple items, add at least 1 inch of packaging between items. You’ll want to individually wrap each item.

Fill in all the empty space so the item doesn’t move. You can test this by shaking the box and listening for movement before you tape it up.

Ship your item

Drop off the package at the correct carrier within 3 days of the item’s purchase. As soon as you’ve dropped it off, go to the Order Status page and tap “I’ve shipped it.”

Shipping time frame

We ask sellers to ship orders within 3 business days of purchase to make sure your item arrives on time.

An item shipped with us label will take 3-4 days, on average, to arrive at your doorstep after the seller ships it. If your tracking stops receiving updates, we recommend reaching out to the shipping provider. If they can’t locate the package and there hasn’t been a tracking update for 7 or more days, you can request a refund from the Order Status page.